What Makes Troop 215...Troop 215.




The Patrol Method!


Troop 215 has focused troop meetings on Thursday nights providing age-appropriate training for our scouts.  A Senior Patrol Leader and his assistant lead the program each night and oversee the boy leaders and patrols.  




Monthly Community Outings!

Once a month, in place of a regular Troop meeting, the scouts enjoy a fun night out.  Some of our outings have included:

  • Private tour of the Montgomery Township Police Facility
  • Roller skating
  • Tour of the Sellersville National Guard Armory
  • Doylestown Rock Gym (pictured at right)
  • Family Dodgeball tournament
  • Pinball Parlour
  • YMCA Swimming
  • Iron Pigs Baseball 
  • Family Picnic at Menlo Park Pool
  • Game Night Overnight Lock-in at the Barn
  • Leap Year Party
  • Sledding
  • Melody Lakes Chip 'n Putt
  • Haunted Halloween at the Eastern State Penitentiary
  • SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park
  • Electric go-karts at Speed Raceway




The Very Special Troop 215 Barn!

It's cool - it's like a big fort!  It has a kitchen, bathroom, Committee room, a furnace that kind of keeps it from being too cold in the winter, and 20 acres in Hilltown Township for all our activities!  We have a flagpole, a fire ring, a basketball net, a playground, and lots more.  We are looking forward to further development of the site, potentially with Adirondacks and other facilities to support our program options.




Troop 215's Creation: The "Adventures in Scouting" Camping Program!

Troop 215's camping program is defined by our slogan, "Adventures in Scouting."  This motto was coined in August 2002 when the troop was founded to bring a new program to the boys of the Pennridge School District. We strive to figure out ways to bring camping trips to a higher level of adventure.  For example, we've gone overnight caving, setting up a base camp deep underground from which we ran guided expeditions into more remote areas of the cave system, and sleeping and living under the earth for 24 hours.  These are Troop 215 Adventures that our scouts will remember for a lifetime.  It's great to be involved in scouting at Troop 215 - our boys wear their scout t-shirts to school proudly!







Summer Long-Term Camping Adventures!

Each summer our scouts depart for a week long summer camp filled with activities, merit badges, camaraderie and fun. Scouts that have recently bridged over from area Cub Scout Packs enroll in excellent  programs targeted specifically at first year scouts to ensure that what might be their first extended time away from home is enjoyable and rewarding. 


Summer camping adventures have taken us to Boy Scout Reservations as close as Ockanickon, right here in Bucks County, and as far as Buckskin Scout Reservation in West Virginia, Camp NoBeBosco in New Jersey, Henson Scout Reservation in Maryland, Camp Wyandot in Ohio, and Medicine Mountain Scout Reservation in South Dakota! For 2015, we plan to venture north, to William Hinds Summer Camp in Maine!


Every couple of years, Troop 215 offers a special travel program for a small group of older scouts, such as our Yellowstone Park "Out West Tour" in 2012.  In cooperation with area Venturing Programs, our scouts have also had the opportunity to visit 14 countries and 27 states over the past decade!


Troop 215 Trail to Eagle Advancement Program!

Each Troop 215 scout is assigned to a patrol advised by two or more trained Assistant Scoutmasters who can guide them on their Trail to Eagle.  These Scoutmasters ensure that program options are made available throughout the year to practice and master the skills required for advancement to Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Ranks.  A boy progresses at his own speed and by his own motivation, but the opportunities for developing appropriate scouting skills are numerous.  Any scout that desires to advance to the next rank can work with any of our Assistant Scoutmasters to formulate a realistic plan of action.  Many of our Troop 215 Assistant Scoutmasters and Committee Members also serve as Merit Badge Counselors representing approximately 40% of the Merit Badges available in the BSA program.




Ajapeu Lodge Order of the Arrow Program!

The "Order of the Arrow" is the honor society of the scouting program, and provides opportunities for community service and special program options for scouts that are elected to this elite program. Currently, Troop 215 has 26 Scouts and 12 adult leaders that are involved in the Order of the Arrow.  As part of this program, our scouts have participated in treks at Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico, voyages at the Northern Tier in Minnesota, Conclave gatherings held around the country, Brotherhood Weekends, and annual community service projects.  The current Chapter Chief for Tohpendel District is from Troop 215!





Adult Leaders!

The Troop 215 Committee Coordinators and Assistant Scoutmaster Corps include over 30 parents and community leaders that serve as talented and devoted registered leaders.  They successfully supervise troop business, planning, and program delivery. Troop 215 is adult run and boy led, which is actually the correctly nuanced form of program leadership endorsed and trained by the National Program of the Boy Scouts of America.







The Scoutmaster!

Our Scoutmaster, Duane Derstine, was born and raised in Sellersville, PA with family roots in the area going back 200 years!  Duane and his wife Allison have two adult daughters and a son who is currently a scout in Troop 215.  Duane and his family are long time members of St. Peters Covenant Church in Hilltown, PA.  He is the owner of Duane A. Derstine Custom Cabinetry. Duane works with the Patrol Leader's Council, Assistant Scoutmasters and the Troop Committee to deliver the most robust program possible each month!






The Committee Chair!

Our Committee Chair is Cassandra Kimnach.  She has 2 sons in the troop, the eldest of which has recently become an Eagle Scout.  She has brought the organizational structure of the troop to a new level by coordinating efficient monthly Committee Meetings, Scoutmaster Meetings, Unit Key-3 Meetings, and Patrol Leaders' Council Meetings.  Did we mention she has a great smile!










The Chartered Organization Representative!

Dave Servin was one of the founders of Troop 215 and is the Chartered Organization Representative for Frontier Youth Group.  Dave oversees the implementation of the community programs including Troop 215 and Venturing Crew 215 and makes sure the unit programs are achieving the goals of community outreach and providing community strengthening opportunities for our youth.  He has three Eagle Scout sons and a daughter who is a Crew member of Venturing Crew 215.


PennridgeTroop 215
In remembrance of
CJ Polichetti
5-12-1966 to 7-20-2014
 Founding Member, First Assistant Scoutmaster, and Grubmaster
Leader, Husband, Father and Friend
"Living the Dream"
"CJ Polichetti and his wife, Tami are founding members of Troop 215. CJ served as the first and only assistant scoutmaster in the troop's beginning days in 2002-2003 and also thereafter.  He also has served in the most important role as a Scouting father having seen three sons through the Scouting program. In those start-up days, the troop had no camping equipment and survived almost entirely on CJ's family camping and cooking equipment, much of which the troop added great wear and tear to. CJ was always an advocate for and instructor of improved cooking skills for the Scouts, and adult leaders were often treated to gourmet camping experiences that were special treats. Founding Scoutmaster David Servin has said that starting Troop 215 would have been almost impossible without the right hand assistance and leadership provided by CJ Polichetti." ~David Servin

"CJ's Living the Dream Memorial Fund" is a non-profit fund that will be used for specific purpose donations such as sponsoring the Polichetti boys and their Scouting costs.  Beyond that, the fund will also give back to the community to allow any child the opportunity to "Live the Dream" and partake in any youth activity: football registration fees, scouting trips for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, 4-H leadership and state achievement days, etc. CJ dedicated much of his time to youth organizations. As he would say, "It's all about the kids."  We want that spirit to continue, for his legacy to go on, and no child to miss out on summer camp or other youth opportunities because they couldn't afford it. If you wish to contribute to the Memorial Fund, please contact the Committee Chair or Scoutmaster for details at perkasietroop215@gmail.com 

"Troop 215 will make Scouting so exciting that a boy will never want to leave the program!"